Recovery after exercise


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Recovery after exercise

Sports activities, for whatever purpose they are not carried out, often lead to the deterioration of the body to one degree or another. Bringing the physical parameters of the body of a particular person to the state of the norm is of paramount importance for the exercising person …

Sports activities, for whatever purpose they are not carried out, often lead to the deterioration of the body to one degree or another. A person spends energy, strength to achieve the objectives, not sparing himself, but in the end does not get the expected results. And this is at best, at worst – there is a regression. This is because rarely does anyone have the idea of ​​the need for a full recovery of a training organism, for which certain time should be allocated, and which needs to be carefully thought out. This article is just the same devoted to this important moment in all respects.

Recovery goals after exercise

Bringing the physical parameters of the body of a particular person to the state of the norm is of paramount importance for the exercising person.

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First, recovery contributes to a significant increase in the ability to adapt to the desired loads. A person is faster and better "drawn" into a schedule of physical exercises. As a result, deplorable results, such as muscle pain, depression, lack of motivation simply lose their right to life.

Secondly, the normalization of the physical parameters of the body – the only true way to:

the healing of microtraumas arising in the muscle tissue during exercise;

the destruction of energy stress, which a person undergoes when performing intensive physical exercises;

elimination of hormonal imbalance – it is he who in the implementation of sports techniques provokes the development of the already mentioned stress;

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stabilization of the nervous system, which, by the way, is also involved in the training process.

Well, and thirdly, a sufficient and drostanolone enanthate side effects high-quality recovery period opens up truly chic opportunities for the growth of muscle mass. Thus, the need to include measures to normalize the physical condition of the human body in the process of training is not an empty sound.

Recovery phases

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According to aspects of sports medicine, we consider the phenomenon can be divided into 3 stages, each of which has certain characteristics and gives specific results.

The first phase is called the fast recovery. It covers a time interval of approximately 30 minutes, and begins at the end of the workout. The rapid recovery phase is characterized by unsuccessful attempts to achieve metabolic equilibrium, which has been disturbed at the time of sports activities. As part of this process, stabilization of the cardiovascular system, hormonal function, replenishment of wasted energy in the form of glycogen, ATP and other compounds occurs.

The second phase is the reparation or delayed recovery phase. At this stage, the normalization of water and electrolyte balance, enhanced production of amino acids boldenone undecylenate and enzymes, assimilation of useful substances from the gastrointestinal tract is carried out. All this together contributes to the regeneration of cells damaged in the process of training.

The final phase is supercompensation. It takes place a few days after active sports. The duration of the stage is 5-6 days. Its essence is almost complete recovery of injured muscle tissue. As a result, the functional and morphological indicators of the body are much better compared with the original characteristics. In the super-compensation phase, it is imperative that you re-train – in order to consolidate the previously achieved result. If this is not done, the unfortunate athlete will be immediately “rejected” to the initial level. Here it is – the reason for the need to comply with the training regime!

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The body will restore nutrition

Exercise depletes energy and muscle. To continue training in the established rhythm, it is necessary to replenish the wasted resources. An elementary eating of food will help to do this, but not somehow, but certain of its types. A post-workout diet, like a diet that takes place during sports activities, should include all the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of organs and tissues: proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Each of the elements contributes to the maintenance of human form and the process of recovery thereof.

muscle tissue

Sugars are comparable to muscle fuel. Therefore, they need to be consumed before sports activities in order to make the period of normalization of physical parameters less painful and long, to prevent the body from spending its own lipids and amino acids.

Protein is a building material for muscles. Without them, recovery after sports activities is also unlikely to go with a bang. As for fats, then you should pay attention to the types of data compounds. Fatty polyunsaturated fatty acids are useful for exercising people: Omega-6, Omega-3. Absolutely harmful are trans and saturated fats. For full recovery, you need to adhere to a specific ratio in the diet of proteins and sugars. For a start, you can try 2: 1, then gradually increase to 3: 1. If sporting activities are long and complex, the ideal 4: 1 ratio. The best time to eat food in order to replenish energy is the first hour and a half after exercise.

We must not forget that at the time of training the body loses a huge amount of moisture. For this reason, you should drink in the process of training in small sips, at regular intervals. Then, plus everything at the end of classes do not appear a desire to quench thirst.

Another thing, if instead of water, your choice falls on isotonic – a special sports drink enriched with useful substances. It can be replaced by "honey", "orange" water (liquid with the addition of honey and, accordingly, orange juice).

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Active supplements also help restore the body. These are BCAA (3-5 g), creatine (3 g), glutamine (3 g). The first goal is to slow down the process of catabolism, improve the production of anabolic hormones, the second is to replenish winstrol cycle the expended energy, the third is to restore muscles, strengthen the production of energy and growth hormone.

General recovery methods

Let us briefly consider the most effective methods of carrying out your own parameters after training, which are often neglected by persons who have started to play sports.

1. Execution of "hitch".

Everyone knows that any training starts with a warm-up, helping to get involved in the normal pace of physical exercise. The hitch is about the same, but only vice versa: this technique slows down the rhythm of performing sports activities in order to completely stop them after 3-4 minutes. Result: lactic acid leaves the muscles faster.

2. The implementation of the massage.

This procedure can be performed independently – you just need to learn it. Massage activates blood circulation, which improves the body’s supply of nutrients, and as a result accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue.

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3. Full sleep.

On the day of training in the kingdom of Morpheus should go early, and not sit up late at the TV. In the morning, too, do not jump up neither the light nor the dawn. A sufficient amount of time left to sleep has a positive effect on the synthesis of growth hormone, which is responsible for muscle recovery.

4. Easy training on days off from basic activities.

This is called active recovery and has several advantages over passive rest: providing the muscles with food, removing toxins from them.

But the main way to bring the body to a normal load to normal is to avoid a state of overtraining. And for this you just need to properly plan a schedule of sports activities.

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