Another Victory for Anti-Corruption Fight

The war against corruption in Nigeria recorded another victory as two ex-governors were convicted for misappropriation of public funds. Jolly Nyame was convicted by a high court of the Federal Capital Territory to serve a jail term of fourteen (14) years for diverting N1.64 billion, while Joshua Dariye was also sentenced to fourteen (14) years for misappropriating N1.16 billion ecological funds while he governed the state between 1999-2007. This feat clearly shows that the fight against corruption and impunity is gradually becoming a reality and we hope to see more of this across board.

YIAGA Africa would like to commend the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for this laudable stride in ensuring that justice prevailed despite the length of time involved. Also, YIAGA Africa would like to commend Justice Adebukola Banjoko who deserves some accolades for dispensing justice without fear or favor while calling on other judges of the appellate courts to exhibit boldness in ensuring that justice prevails at all times so as to restore public confidence in the judiciary and ensure that the administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015 is implemented.

This shows that the fight against corruption can only succeed with the cooperation of the judiciary and sets a precedent for a string of similar pending cases. The convictions of Jolly Nyame and Joshua Dariye are a good step in the right direction and would boost anti-corruption efforts and potentially help to speed up pending cases; it also gives hope to ordinary Nigerians that the long arm of the law will always catch up with corrupt public office holders. With the diligence of the EFCC in prosecuting these cases, we are hopeful the nation will witness more convictions of former corrupt political office holders.

Corruption is a deep rooted problem which has taken its toll on the government, people, infrastructure, business and life of the average Nigerian. The impact of corruption perpetuated by the likes of Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame is the reason why we have hindered growth and development in the country. Lack of basic amenities, low level of qualitative education and the fact that millions of Nigerians die due to poor health care system is a direct consequence of corruption. It is against this back drop that YIAGA Africa launched the Bounce Corruption Project to among other things, urge Nigerians to own the anti-corruption fight by holding their leaders to account and blow the whistle where they detect a corrupt act.

YIAGA Africa wishes to implore the government of Nigeria and the EFCC to take the anti-corruption crusade a step further by recovering stolen monies and investing it in public service to benefit the state. YIAGA Africa is a non-profit organization that promotes democratic governance, human rights and youth political participation.


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