Not Too Young To Run Movement kicks against automatic tickets, calls for free and fair party primaries

In the days ahead, political parties will conduct primaries to field candidates for the 2019 general elections. Whilst some of the parties have published timetables for the conduct of their primaries, others are yet to make their timetable public. The movement notes with concern, actions by some political parties to impose candidates through the issuance of automatic tickets or ‘consensus’ candidacy. This is in addition to the high cost of forms imposed by some of the political parties.

This development has become a major threat to the participation of youth, women and persons with disability. The imposition of candidates and issuance of automatic tickets reflect a lack of respect for democratic principles and norms, and its reduces the competitiveness of electoral politics. As party primaries begin, the Not Too Young To Run Movement recommends as follows;

1. Parties should uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in the conduct of primary elections.
2. Parties must provide credible list of delegates and ensure party members are accessible to aspirants, observers and the media.
3. The venue of the primary elections must be made public to all aspirants and other stakeholders.
4. Late hour changes to delegate list and venue of party primaries should be avoided. Changes should be made only after due consultations with stakeholders especially aspirants and their agents.
5. Parties should provide leadership and demonstrate commitment to discourage vote buying as well as enforcing spending limits for campaigns and sanctioning members who use money or gift items to compromise delegates.

The Movement urges all political parties to remain accountable to the commitments made to uphold democratic primaries and reiterates that any form of imposition or irregularities in the primaries would attract political consequences. Any party that discards the youth, does so at its own peril

Not Too Young To Run Movement

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