Legislative Score Card and Peer review

YIAGA AFRICA Hosts Peer Review Meeting as Not Too Young To Run Beneficiaries Share Successes, Challenges, Experiences

The experiences of young lawmakers and beneficiaries of the historic Not Too Young To Run Act in Nigeria, has been encouraging, fulfilling, empowering , rewarding, educative and revealing, as revealed by the young lawmakers themselves during a two-day peer-learning meeting in Lagos.

The meeting, which aimed to develop a peer review mechanism to enhance their legislative performance and provide opportunity for peer learning, saw young legislators share their learning experiences on the success in their first six months of legislative responsibilities. The meeting also provided a platform for young legislators across Nigeria with similar experiences to evaluate each other over a legislative session.

During the meeting, Executive Director of YIAGA AFRICA, Samson Itodo reminded young lawmakers, especially speakers and principal officers, that their performances as pioneers and beneficiaries of the Age reduction constitution amendment , would determine the success of young people in future elections.

Itodo said the  peer review meeting will enhance legislative performance and provide an opportunity for peer learning, enabled a platform for young lawmakers to share lessons, challenges and successes from their first six months in office.

In this vein, expert facilitator, Dr. Jake Dan-Azumi, a Senior Research Fellow from the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies introduced the legislators to a framework for reviewing their activities. He also addressed the participants on ‘Committee System and Legislative Oversight’, as well as the constitutional power of the legislature to check and balance the executive.

Similarly, Mr. Hezekiah, Pioneer Administrative Head of the National Assembly Budget and Research Office (NABRO) gave an overview of the appropriation process, legal framework and jurisdiction, and best practices for budgeting. The meeting also had Dr. Shuaibu Danwanka, Director, National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies in attendance. He exposed the legislators to the process of bill drafting and motions; it was a highly participatory session.

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