One feature that distinguishes democracy from other forms of government is the conduct of periodic free and fair elections. Elections are critical to the survival of democracy because they avail citizens the opportunity to exercise their franchise and participate in shaping how their society is governed. YIAGA has a decade experience in working on elections. YIAGA’s election program seeks to increase citizens participation in the electoral process throughout the electoral.

We also facilitate and intensify the demand for electoral in a bid to deepen electoral democracy in Africa. This is made possible through the provision of strategic support to election management bodies and other election stakeholders. YIAGA runs an electoral research program aimed at contributing to the body of knowledge on elections and youth participation. YIAGA runs of the most comprehensive and systematic electoral integrity program called Watching The Vote.

Watching The Vote as a citizen led election observation initiative aimed at enhancing the integrity of elections in Nigeria using technological tools like SMS and evidence-based research methodology tools for election observation. The initiative is designed to promote credible elections and boost citizens’ confidence in the electoral process through citizens’ observation of electoral activities in the electoral cycle. YIAGA is enhancing the quality of democracy in Africa using Watching The Vote as a platform for promoting cutting-edge electoral policies, credible elections, civic participation and institution building. YIAGA manages a network of 6400 voluntary young citizen observers.



The legislature is not only a symbol of democracy but also the participatory hub of popular participation. We recognize the critical role of the legislature to democratic hence our strategic intervention in the legislative arm of government. YIAGA’s legislative engagement is driven by her Centre for Legislative Engagement. The program promotes the development of the legislature in Africa through innovative research and capacity development. The center ensures the legislature is capacitated to discharge its legislative functions in compliance with democratic principles and standards. The Centre is designed to provide innovative and cutting edge interventions to address these gaps in the Legislature. YIAGA boosts responsiveness of the legislature by facilitating engagement between citizens and elected representatives. This we believe enhances legislative accountability. YIAGA also promotes public education on the legislative practice and procedure as well as create platforms for grooming future political leaders and legislator. Under the program, YIAGA establishes youth caucuses in parliaments in Africa. The establishment of parliamentary youth caucuses provide a platform for peer learning and advocacy for youth issues in the parliament. Through, our Young Legislators Accountability Project (YLAP), YIAGA supported the creation of the Young Parliamentarians forum in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. YIAGA is leading efforts to establish more parliamentary youth caucuses in Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Gambia and Mali.


The youth program is one of YIAGA’s major program areas. The focus on youth is informed by our strong desire to harness the potentials of Africa’s largest demographic block for democratic development and social change. YIAGA firmly believes young people possess the skill, intellect, resilience and energy needed to solve Africa’s governance and development challenges. To this end, we are driven by the desire to mobilize and empower young people through capacity building initiatives like the Youth Organizing School, Democracy Summer Camp, Campaign Advocacy, and Movement Building Trainings and through Movement building as advocacy initiatives for Constitutional /Legislation/policy reform like the #NotToo-YoungToRun Movement, Youth Alliance of Constitution and Electoral Reform and youth driven campaigns like the #Fallen9 #ThumbPower #VotingForWhat and #ThePowerOf18. Under the youth program, YIAGA promotes the development of youth policies/legislations and monitor their implementation. We are also involved in providing technical assistance to institutions with a youth development mandate like the Ministries of youth development, National Youth Council, Nigerian Youth Parliament, National Association of Nigerian Students, Student Union Government and youth organizations. As part of our constituency building initiative, YIAGA provides support to youth organizations on organizational development, policy advocacy, resource mobilization, project management and networking. YIAGA invests in building the transformational leaders and civic actors as well as increase the engagement and visibility of young in political parties. The youth program manages our SOCIAL MOVEMENTS AND ORGANIZING initiative. This initiative promotes political and social change through collective action. Through, this program YIAGA is building a community of organizers, activists and student unionists for the purposes of peer learning, solidarity and intergenerational dialogue.


This program is predicated on the rm belief that accountability and justice are key principles in deepening democratic development. Under this program, YIAGA promotes vertical and horizontal accountability in the civic space through the demand for openness and transparency in the public and private sector. The program aims to reduce human rights violations and citizens vulnerability to oppression and injustice. Through our Say No Campaign and Bounce Corruption initiative, YIAGA mobilizes citizens to ght against corruption and demand for accountability. Legislative advocacy for anti-corruption legislations, whistle-blowing and public interest litigation on human rights and corruption constitute YIAGA’s approach of fostering accountability and justice. YIAGA’s also promotes accountability at the local government through her innovative YIAGA Social Audits project.