Accountability & Social Justice

The quality of democracy is enhanced by the level of vertical and horizontal accountability. Public officials and institutions are obligated to uphold the rule of law and to account for actions and decisions taken on behalf of the people. In the same vein, citizens are duty bound to perform their civic responsibilities and hold their leaders to account. YIAGA AFRICA considers this relationship essential for democratic development. YIAGA AFRICA efforts aims at sustaining the campaign for zero tolerance for corruption, impunity and social injustice. To this end, YIAGA AFRICA advocates for open governance, access to information and anti-corruption legislations. YIAGA AFRICA aims to reduce human rights violations and citizens vulnerability to oppression to oppression and injustice through public education, legal support and campaigns.

Our Projects

Bounce Corruption is a nationwide campaign designed to give citizens and media a leadership role in the fight against corruption. By promoting effective citizen’s oversight and mobilization for accountable governance, Bounce Corruption seeks to complement efforts by state and non-state actors in creating a zero-tolerance environment for corruption in Nigeria.