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Democracy Brief, 2020 Edition - Youth and Elections in Africa

The conduct of elections in Africa is gradually adopting a visible role in defining the trajectory and state of democracy in Africa. With more countries accepting elections as the legitimate process of transition of political power, stakeholders have raised questions on whether the questions are beyond the conduct of periodic elections but on the quality of these periodic elections and the intersection between the conduct of regular elections and the institutionalization of democratic principles. Also, the growing youth population and the increasing role of that informs a democratic political culture. In addition, the growing youth population in Africa, and the role of young people in shaping Africa’s democracy beg for deeper introspection. election and the future of democracy and development in Africa.

The open-source Democracy brief on Youth and Elections in Africa is therefore published to inspire and build a culture of research and scholarship amongst young Africans. It is a modest contribution towards building a body of knowledge on youth and elections and an attempt to amplify the voices, views, and contributions of young Africans on issues of; democracy, youth participation, electoral reforms, and electoral integrity in and to inform the conversations on the future of democracy in Africa. foster national development in the continent. This edition of  Democracy Brief is focused on Youth participation and the Future of Democratic Elections in Africa, which are pillars of democracy with a connecting theme. The theme aims to institutionalize youth participation and political inclusion, as basic requirements in electoral cycles and support an argument for electoral reforms across the African continent for democratic development and peace and political stability in Africa.

The articles in this edition focus on recent elections in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Congo, and South Africa.

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