Human Rights Day : Girl Child Right to Education – Fatima Muhammad Abubakar


When I think about the Girl Child, I think about an embodiment of beauty, happiness, intelligence and talent.

The Girl Child must be cherished, loved, and adored because she is more precious than jewels.

She is gold because she is attractive and pure.

She is a diamond because she is indispensable.

She is like oxygen because you will always need that smile on her face.


The Girl Child to her mother is a precious jewel.

To her father, his pride.

To her siblings, a helper.

To her peers, a dependable friend.

To her teacher, an intelligent being.

To the world, a shining sun.

To the loved ones, a beautiful soul.


She needs to be educated.

She needs to be trained formally not only informally.

The Girl Child has a right to education.

And a right not to be married at a young age.

She has a wealth of knowledge in her that can only be developed if she is given adequate education.


Some people believe that it is a waste of money to send the Girl Child to school because she will eventually end up in the kitchen and her job is to only produce children.

This is not a good belief because there are several female entrepreneurs who are making their way in the world were once a Girl Child.

People like Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Huffington, Malala Yousefai and several others.

The Girl Child can transform the world and add additional benefits to the society.

According to Malala, one pen is for every child, this means education for all including the Girl Child.

She is not a sex symbol so she should not be portrayed has such.

She should not be raped or messed up because her body is hers.

The Girl Child should not be used for child labour.

The Girl Child deserves education as much as her male counterparts.

Education for me she says.

Cause she is not a slave to anyone.

She is a Girl Child.

Please let’s join hands together to advocate for educating the Girl Child.

She is also a human and deserves the best.


Fatima Muhammad Abubakar 

Department of English Education.

Gombe State University