Knowledge Management Series

YIAGA AFRICA’s Knowledge Management Series (KMS) is a monthly session for improving the knowledge of team members on democracy, development and global affairs through book reviews, critical thinking, analysis and public speaking. After these sessions, team members share their reflections, opinions and new learnings from publications through insightful reflection articles.

The July edition of YIAGA AFRICA’s Knowledge Management Series focuses on Yuval Harari’s 2018 book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, which highlights the 4th industrial revolution orchestrated by Artificial intelligence such as data mining & gathering and robotics and how it is reshaping age-long global ideas of human existence and societal organization. In the book, Harari takes us through some of these revolutions taking place in the society by looking at our religious beliefs, often questioning stereotypes, doctrines and policies, wondering about their values and relevance in a data-driven world of the 21st Century. How do we shape education and curriculum to fit into the new world order? How best can rising global terrorism be tackled in this age? How about cultural differences and the clash of civilizations? Do people still have strong faiths in the instrumentality of democracy towards achieving societal goals? YIAGA AFRICA’s staff express profound truths through their written reflections of this somewhat controversial and philosophical book by Harari, who sets out to give the world a guide towards settling in the 21st Century world.

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