A Communique Issued at the end of a 2-day Legislative retreat of the Committee on Youth Development, House of Representatives held at Legend Hotel, Lagos state from 18th-19th March 2020.

Members of House of representatives committee on Youth development after a 2 day retreat in Lagos

The House Committee on Youth Development organized a 2-Day capacity and agenda setting retreat on the 18th -19th March, 2020 in Lagos State. The retreat highlighted the mandate of the Committee which includes: ensuring youth development across the country
through legislative actions, liaising with appropriate Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) responsible for youth development, monitoring the effective implementation of the national youth policy and providing oversight on all agencies responsible for youth
development. At the end of the retreat the Committee resolved as follows;

Hon Makwe making a remark during the legislative retreat

1. That national development and integration is predicated on the youths who are the bedrock and building blocks of development. On this note, the committee frowns at the negative perception and stereotyping of young people. Against all odds, Nigerian youths are making very useful contributions to national development. With this in mind, the committee will henceforth, deploy its
legislative powers and functions to ensure that all national development programmes, policies and projects accord priority to issues of youth development.

2. That there is no legislative framework for the implementation of the new National Youth Policy 2019. Therefore, the committee will take legislation action to provide a legal framework for youth development to fast-track the implementation of the new national youth policy. Through legislation and oversight, the committee will ensure the constitution of the National Youth Development Council, National Council on Youth Development as well as promote legislation focused on the Strategic Thrusts and Policy Benchmarks of the National Youth Policy 2019.

3. That unemployment and poverty remains a huge problem affecting Nigerian youth. Accordingly, the committee calls for an urgent declaration of state of emergency on youth development in the country. In furtherance of this, the committee will take legislative actions to resuscitate Youth Development Centers across the country and promote vocational training to encourage youth entrepreneurship in the country.

4. That the committee will ensure the inclusion of Nigerian youth in the design of youth development policies, programmes and projects.

5. That while noting the progress achieved through the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ law, there’s an urgent need to ensure political inclusion of Nigerian youths in electoral and political processes as a catalyst for social transformation and national development. To this end, the committee will leverage on the ongoing amendment of the 1999 Constitution and the 2010 Electoral Act to advocate for amendments that guarantee the political inclusion of Nigerian youths. Particularly, the Committee may propose legislation for further reduction in the age requirement for the positions of governorship and membership of the Senate which were not reduced in the previous constitution review process amendment.

6. That the committee will intensify its oversight on youth development to promote the social, economic and political inclusion of the young people of Nigeria.


Hon. Yemi Adaramodu Hon. Ari Mohammed Abdulmumin
Chairman, House Committee on Youth Development Deputy Chairman, House Committee
on Youth Development
Hon. Omowumi Olubunmi Ogunlola Hon. Amobi Yinusa Akintola
Hon. Bala Kokani Hon. Kayode Akiolu
Hon. James Owolabi Hon. Igbakpa Benson Rollands
Hon. Ayeni Lawrence Babatunde Hon. Abiola Makinde
Hon. Makwe Livinus Hon. Usman Abdullahi
Hon. Sani Maruf Hon. Armayau Abdulkadir
Hon. Kolawole Lawal Hon. Richard Gbande
Hon. Shina Peller