I desire to see a Nigeria where young people will be involved, not only in religious activities, but have a great love for political participation and governance –  Oyere Andrew, Delta State Coordinator, Not Too Young To Run

 Why I joined the NTYTR movement

In 2016, I was shortlisted to be part of YIAGA’s Young Legislative Accountability Project at Burutu Community … The objective was to reach out to different groups in the community, running focused group discussions with men, women, youth groups and community leaders and it was done successfully. That project launched me into the Not Too Young to Run (NTYTR) movement, and it was a great motivation to me.

What I’ve learned                                                                  

My effort to the NTYTR movement in Delta state as a coordinator has increased my understanding on politics and governance in Nigeria. It has also helped to bring out so many hidden potentials in me, such as my ability to organize people, manage resources, work under pressure and serve selflessly – even sacrificing personal resources to achieve the needed result … Being a state coordinator gave me the ability to be focused and allowed me to think skillfully in order to accomplish the task of carrying out actions in the passage of the NTYTR bill in Delta state … I also learned to be open minded in order to learn from my team members’ ideas. No leader can make it on his or her own – we need people.

My most memorable experience

Standing before honourable members discussing issues affecting our nations is an experience I won’t forget in a lifetime. Meeting people from almost all the states in Nigeria, the YIAGA Africa family, is another experience I will forever cherish.