Coalition Calls on National Assembly to Pass Electoral Bill at First Sitting in 2021

Date: Dec 15 2020
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We have come to restate our unwavering commitment to electoral reforms and to ask the National Assembly to urgently have the Bill for an Act to Repeal the Electoral Act No. 5, 2010 (As Amended) and Enact the Independent National Electoral Commission Act 2021, passed in the first sitting of 2021, and transmitted for an immediate assent by the President.

Having missed the much anticipated December 2020 target, the need to have the electoral bill passed and signed in January 2021, has become imperative and most instructive, so that it could be tested and used in good time for the 2021 Anambra governorship election.

The impressive turn out of Nigerians at the public hearing, the quality presentations of suggestions and the adoptions of memoranda, are a sure-testament to the eagerness and zeal of the people to have free, fair and credible elections emplaced and tested in the 2021 Anambra election, through the quick passage of the bill.

As we anticipate the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to announce the date and time-table for the Anambra election any moment from now, we must take cognizance of lawful need to have The New Electoral Act 2021 (Independent National Electoral Commission Act 2021) in place, before the commencement of the implementation of the time-table.

We therefore urge the National Assembly, that having come this far, that it should please do everything in its power and pace to have the bill passed in record time for presidential assent and before the start of electioneering process for Anambra 2021.

As a coalition, we commend the National Assembly for organizing the public hearing in the early part of December 2020, and for giving civil society groups and partners the opportunity to present their memos, so as to give the Nigerians the hope of early passage of the bill in 2021.

All we seek is an enduring electoral reforms that will address the deficits in the electoral system, and among other things: provide for electronic transmission and publication of results, full biometrics for accreditation, conduct of general elections in one day, election finance reform, eliminate statutory delegates, ensure women and youths representation, as well as other important suggestions contained in our memoranda to the National Assembly.

As elections remain the most critical aspect of democracy across the world, we urge the National Assembly to see this process as an opportunity to entrench enduring electoral reforms and strengthen the capacity of INEC to conduct free, fair and credible elections and guarantee electoral integrity.

We believe the way that this process is handled is very critical to improved level of trust and confidence of citizens in the democratic process and the National Assembly must do everything to reclaim the trust of Nigerians in the electoral process

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