Policy Brief on COVID-19 Vaccine Management in Nigeria

Date: Mar 09 2021
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Scientists and researchers across the globe worked frenetically to develop and produce therapeutic remedies and vaccines that could stop the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its impact on humanity. So far, 78 candidate vaccines have been developed, with 4778 clinical trials conducted and seven vaccines developed and certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) have been rolled out in different countries. Gladly, successes and progress vaccines, rather than let the science speak truth to reason.

This trend includes notable leaders and policymakers who have doubted the virus’s existence and questioned the sincerity of purpose in the vaccines’ speedy development. This further underscores the fact that at the epicentre of this crisis are leadership and governance challenges.

Public leadership is required in times of crisis like the one engendered by the novel coronavirus; therefore, governments at all levels must be proactive in responding to the situation as new
issues emerge. Otherwise, the consequences could assume magnitudes that extend beyond manageable levels.

In other words, the lifeline of this crisis will be determined by the responsiveness, accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of the government’s response. It is also essential for the Government to adopt monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems that enable critical assessment of the government’s response and identify successes that can be consolidated. Now is the moment for democratic and governance institutions to demonstrate that they exist for the people’s collective interest.


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