Today we celebrate 13 years of civic activism, community organizing and sustained advocacy for participatory and representative democracy. From a student association at the University of Jos, Yiaga Africa is evolving as a powerful movement of active citizens and changemakers who are positively disrupting the political space and pushing the needle on democratic accountability and governance in Africa. This is made possible through purposeful leadership, dedicated and hardworking staff, strong organizational governance practices, stakeholder support and a culture of learning and reflection. We appreciate all partners, friends, mentors and members of our community for the solidarity, support, guidance and unshaken faith in our dreams and the promise of democracy. You all are our greatest asset.

As we turn 13, we are reminded that our vision of a democratic Africa where citizens assert their sovereignty beyond voting during elections is far from being achieved. Although citizen satisfaction with democracy is dwindling, we are emboldened by their continued preference for and commitment to democracy as exemplified by the courage and resilience against poor governance, shrinking democratic space and depreciating quality of elections. We commit to harness this resilience in our quest to fix the fractured relationship between state and society. Democracy must deliver development to the people and it begins with fixing our elections, recruiting high quality public leaders, strengthening democratic institutions and empowering citizens to hold public leaders to account.

As we look to a future defined by intentionality, resilience and civic activism, we count on your support, partnership and solidarity.


Samson Itodo

Executive Director

Yiaga Africa