Today, 7th February 2021 we celebrate 14 years of civic activism, movement building and sustained advocacy for purposeful leadership and transformative politics. As we reflect on our purpose-driven journey that started from being a student union at the University of Jos, we have continued to evolve even beyond our limits. This is made possible through purposeful leadership, hardworking and committed staff, a solid organizational structure, strong stakeholder support and consistent learning, unlearning and relearning. Together with our communities, partners, friends, and mentors, we have been able to break boundaries and make impact through our various initiatives over the years. We have found strength in your partnership, solidarity and support.

As we mark this milestone, we are reviewing our vision as an organization to further fulfill our responsibility of bridging the gap between the citizens and the state. Henceforth, our interventions will be guided by the vision of “A Citizens’-Driven Democratic and Developed Africa”. In 2021, we remain committed to evolving beyond our limits by empowering citizens to exercise power through organised collective action, electoral participation and civic engagement. 

The year will be defined by Excellence, Leadership, Resilience and Breaking New Grounds.


Samson Itodo