YIAGA AFRICA is committed to harnessing the potentials of Africa’s largest demographic block for democratic development and social change. The organisation firmly believes young people possess the creativity, intellect, energy and resilience required to solve Africa’s governance and development challenges hence its investment in mobilising and empowering young people with the requisite skills and knowledge that makes them agents of change in their community. YIAGA AFRICA views youth as a heterogenous group with diverse needs and priorities. The youth program targets female and male youth, youth with disabilities, rural youth, out of school youth, unemployed youth, youth in conflict, illiterate youth and youth in diaspora. 

Our youth development is stratified into three key pillars;

Youth policy development:

YIAGA AFRICA promotes formulation and implementation of policies and legislation aimed at promoting youth development. This includes youth policies, regional and international instruments. YIAGA AFRICA supports legislative actions on youth and conducts periodic research and sectoral debates on youth to facilitate quality policies and legislation targeted at youth. YIAGA AFRICA works closely with Ministries of youth development, Parliamentary youth committees and youth organization on this program.

Youth leadership

YIAGA AFRICA places premium on leadership capital development because it provides young people with the skills, knowledge and networks necessary for civic engagement and community development. YIAGA AFRICA runs leadership development and mentorship programs and community organizing trainings that stimulate responsible citizenship and community leadership in Africa. Internships, volunteer opportunities and peer-to-peer engagement are tools utilized for youth leadership development. YIAGA AFRICA designs curriculum and training resources on youth leadership e.g. Leadership program for student union leaders.

Youth political participation

YIAGA AFRICA is a strong voice for youth political participation in Africa. YIAGA AFRICA works with political parties to design and implement programs and policies targeted at youth. This includes working with party youth wings, youth leaders and youth candidates on youth membership recruitment, political organizing, youth advocacy, non-violence electoral participation etc. YIAGA AFRICA also undertakes advocacy legal and policy reforms that promote youth representation in politics. Under this program, YIAGA AFRICA run a Youth Observatory on Political Participation, an initiative that assembles, analyzes and disseminates credible and up-to-date data on youth participation to facilitate evidence-based advocacy and political engagement.

Reports & Publications

Our Projects

The youth program manages our SOCIAL MOVEMENTS AND ORGANIZING initiative. This initiative promotes political and social change through collective action. Through, this program YIAGA is building a community of organizers, activists and student unionists for the purposes of peer learning, solidarity and intergenerational dialogue.